Glassmark I

High-resolution lens encoding for virtual production, available to all.

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The Missing Link For Virtual Production

The Glassmark I is a high-resolution lens encoder that can detect rotation as subtle as a human hair. In combination with our flexible LONET software, lens data can be sent to a multitude of realtime engines.

Speed and Precision

Lenses can be mapped in minutes, and lens files can be easily shared. Glassmark's 0.1 degrees of angular resolution can detect a movement as small as 0.002", bringing a new class of precision to virtual production--all with industry-leading latency.

Adapt to Anything

With multiple lens interface and mounting options, Glassmark encoders are ready for any camera configuration. Our LONET system decouples you from proprietary data streaming protocols, increasing your render engine options.

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The Glassmark I lens encoder is available for just $449. Put your 50% deposit down now! Orders ship in 2 weeks.

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