Glassmark II

High-resolution lens encoding for virtual production and VFX

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Advanced Lens Encoding

The Glassmark II is a high-resolution lens encoder that can detect rotation as subtle as a human hair. In combination with a Conduit metadata box, it offers a complete solution for realtime lens data.

Prototype hardware shown


Rock Solid

The Glassmark II's automatic missed step detection ensures stable readings over long shooting days, and it's CNC aluminum housing and robust serial communication hold up to the rigors of professional use.


The Complete Solution

Plug the Glassmark II into a Conduit metadata box to enable PoE, frame sync, and support for other protocols like Zeiss XD, Cooke /i, and Preston.

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Feature Grid

The Glassmark II encoder can be used standalone (via USB,) additional connectivity can be enabled with a Conduit box, and additional functionality added with a Reality Field subscription

Feature Software Hardware
Basic Lens Encoding LONET Server Glassmark II
Unreal/Aximmetry/Disguise data output LONET Server Glassmark II
USB Serial LONET Server Glassmark II
Frame Sync Reality Field Cine Conduit Box
PoE and Ethernet LONET Server Conduit Box

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