LONET Unity Plugin

In this guide we'll set up the Unity plugin for LONET.

Before getting started, you should install the LONET server software and connect your encoder, and read the documentation for both of them.


The latest version of the LONET Unity plugin can be found Here Import the Unitypackage through Assets>Import Package>Custom Package

LONET Camera Configuration

Regardless of the render pipeline, you'll need to configure the camera to make use of LONET. If using URP, enable "Physical Camera" and ensure the camera has Post Processing enabled.

Add a Volume component, and create a new profile. Add a Depth of Field override, and ensure it is enabled.

Add a LONETClient script from the LONET folder. You'll need to drag the camera and volume components into the Camera and PP Vol references at the bottom.

alt text

Then, simply configure which encoder drives which camera property.