LONET Developer Guide


LONET 2 is sent by default to multicast group on port 60608. There is no handshake or connection procedure, simply subscribe to the multicast group to start getting data.

Packets are made of JSON objects. Packets may have multiple objects, but for now the only one LONET emits is the “encoder_data” object, which is as follows:

"encoder_data": {
"cameraName": "Camera 1",
"focalLengthMapped": 12.34,
"focalLengthRaw": 1234,
"focusMapped": 12.34,
"focusRaw": 1234,
"irisMapped": 12.34,
"irisRaw": 1234,
"timestamp": "2021-11-18T16:49:09Z",
"timecode": "HH:MM:SS:FF",
"type": "encoder_data"

Timestamp is a ISO8601 timestamp of when the packet is sent. The data in each packet is tied to one camera, defined as the cameraName string.

Raw encoder values will always be integers. https://github.com/MadlyFX/LONET-2-LiveLink-Plugin/blob/master/Source/LONET2LiveLink/Private/LONET2LiveLinkSource.cpp